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  7. Last week was heavy for me. Soooo much going on. A couple of times, I found myself feeling real low. On Saturday, @momvsmeal who I have known since before forever, posted about a coupon class she was having at her home. I decided to go no matter what. I needed to be with good people and it doesn’t get much better than the Meeks’. I was supposed to go straight there from an appt. but I had a wardrobe malfunction so I turned around and went all the way home and hastily threw on one of my @SistaTV shirts. As soon as walked in, I was welcomed. I hadn’t seen Dana in almost 20 years but it was like being with family. Another old friend Carlisa was there and it was so good to see her beautiful face and spirit as well. We learned so much, we laughed, we ate good food. And it was so amazing. That was enough. But then Dana insisted on not only buying one of my shirts but inspired 4 other shirt purchases. I’m in a tight space financially so they have no idea how much that blessed me. I needed that sooo badly. I’m so grateful to Dana and all the other women who poured into me not only by buying shirts but with support, sisterhood, spirtual comfort and love. They gave me more hope to hold onto. And I’ll be forever grateful. Here are Dana and her sisters three of the dopest #Sistatv models and women ever! SistaTV loves you and every Very Kinky Girl everywhere. Thank you.

  8. Now, This is a WORD. Too often we get hung up on what’s wrong with us that we fail to see all that can be done with what is right with us. PS I know everybody has insecurities and its okay to actively want to change things that you don’t love about yourself but it’s never okay to let them stop you from getting shit DONE. PPS Your thighs are perfect. Love them cause I love you. @sistatv loves you.

  9. A dear friend from the internet just left this for me on my personal Facebook page…. I believe it and will you #lookatGod. Even other people can see what God, the universe, and every good and wonderfulul thing in this world and the next is planning for me. #grateful #DOITJESUS “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” #SistaTV LOVES YOU! #thealchemist #senambomaye

  10. In every single faith or belief system, no matter what name they identify it by, at the very heart of it all… God=Love. #Sistatv loves you and all that God and love has done for me. #GoodMorning

  11. SistaTV and the #Masterchef JR TVs present Rainbow cake! It’s surprisingly delicious! And they only used 3 million dishes and bowls in the process… #threelittlebirds #goodnight #SistaTV loves you!

  12. I have yet to hear a single account of the #mikebrown #ferguson incident that would justify shooting this unarmed man multiple times in the middle of the street? He stole something from a gas station? 6.99 max! He didn’t move out of the street quick enough? Even the story of him trying to grab the officers gun makes no sense and still doesn’t explain shooting him multiple times after he had his hands up? Why is he dead? Why is this a regular occurrence? When is it going to stop? I hate that I have to worry about some of those who have taken an oath to protect and serve us all. My condolences to his family and may we all.figure out a way to keep some peace in this world.

  13. LittleDivaTV is basically a licensed driver because she got a Gold Medal on level 15 of her driving game! “Mommy, I had to drive in REVERSE. Soooo hard.” #shewon #only27accidents #SistaTV loves you! #driversedin2021 #GoodMorning

  14. TwinATV presents Yo-Yo tricks for professionals. #iLIVE Please note from now on when I get anything even a little tiny bit right I will be doing that same exact happy dance #message #hesohappy #turnup #hewon #Sistatv loves him sooo much. We are still learning but we are so grateful for any and all progress. #inspiredbyhisgreatness #toocute #instakids

  15. Miracle #7949488366689 Obsessed with my #nails. I did these myself with help from Little Diva TV and my niece on Friday and they are still all intact and fabulous. And they only cost me $6.99 #DOITJESUS #shondo Turn to your neighbor and say Neighbor.. He’s a WAYMAKER! YASSSSSSS GAWD. #favoraintfairbutitcanbefabulous Jehovah jirah my providahhhhh! #SISTATV LOVES YOU! JESUS is my nail tech.